Who is Sir Ed Davey’s wife Emily Gasson and do they have children?


SIR Ed Davey is the new leader of the Liberal Democrats.

But who is his wife Emily Gasson, and do they have children?

Ed Davey is married to Emily Gasson

Who is Ed Davey’s wife Emily Gasson?

Emily Gasson is the wife of Ed Davey, and she was the Liberal Democrat candidate for North Dorset in the 2005 general election.

Emily had the number two position on the Lib Dem London-wide candidate list for the 2016 London Assembly elections – but she was not elected.

Emily then stood for election as a councillor for the three-seat Norbiton Ward in 2018, as part of the Royal Borough of Kingston Council and topped the poll with 20 per cent of the vote.

Is Emily a member of the Lib Dems?

Yes, Emily is a member of the Lib Dems and has even run for the party in the past.

Speaking on Lib Dem Voice in 2017, Sir Ed referenced that the Liberal Democrats is a party “Emily and I both love.”

The political pair met through the Lib Dem party

When did Ed and Emily get married?

Ed Davey and Emily Gasson met through the Liberal Democrats party.

He wrote in 2017: “Emily and I met through the party.

“I was chairing a Housing Policy Working Group and she was a member, as a social housing lawyer.

“What could be more romantic?” 

The couple got married in 2005.

How many children do they have?

The political pair have two children together.

They have one son John, 12, and a daughter, Ellie, 6.

Their son has speech difficulties, leading to Davey’s interest in speech therapy.

Davey, 54, recently called for a “caring revolution” this morning and spoke out about raising his son John who has an undiagnosed neurological condition.

He said: “It’s been the biggest challenge of my life.

“And thanks to my amazing wife we’ve coped and John is doing amazingly well and is a source of inspiration for me.

“I know what it’s like to be a carer every day. I deal with massaging him, with his care needs.

“I look at how other parents, my constituents, and the caring challenges they face, I just feel we don’t support them enough.”

Ed Davey is the new Lib Dem leader