Brits divided over pub trips in coronavirus chaos as some say they WON’T be stopped – but others slam ‘selfish’ drinkers


BRITS have been left divided over whether or not to still drink in pubs after the government urged revellers to stay at home to stop the spread of coronavirus.

The Queen and Boris Johnson yesterday issued a passionate plea to behave responsibly as cases of the killer bug continue to rise in the UK.

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Brits are still piling to the pub despite government advice
But NHS staff are pleading with people to stay at home

But despite advice to practice social distancing, boozers have continued to pack out bars across the country in a defiant bid to “support their local”.

Pictures show revellers spilling out of pubs – with social media users slamming them as “selfish” over fears Britain will not beat the bug if the advice is not followed.

The country has now been left divided on Twitter over whether there is a risk in visiting a local boozer for a pint amid the spiralling coronavirus pandemic.


Those who are flouting the PM’s pleas have posted snaps of themselves with a pint on Twitter and encouraged others to do the same.

@Kierantaylor1 wrote: “After witnessing first hand what this inept governments actions have done to our pubs. I would urge everyone who is fighting for food in crowded supermarkets to go and support your local pub instead. By far safer in terms of social spacing!”

@reddevils1966 said: “Please ppl stop listening to main stream media and get out to the pub. My local have a safe distance between table’s, spotless clean. Don’t listen to click bait @piersmorgan and support your local pub. I did yesterday after a tough day working in the NHS.”

@Michaelj2207 tweeted: “Get out there and have a beer!! We need to support this industry at this unprecedented time!! Support your local pub and support this industry!”

@SetteGus said: “Until this shambolic excuse for a Government guarantees the wages of bar management, staff, brewery workers etc. then, as long as I’m fit & healthy, I shall continue to support my local pub by strolling down & enjoying a leisurely pint

“Distancing is easy, the place is near empty”.


But dozens of others have begged people to avoid drinking in crowds in bars – and urged them to think of NHS staff working tirelessly to curb the spread of the disease.

@julia_prague said: “As a frontline doctor in London – you really really need to take this seriously – it is bad – it is really bad – already – and it’s predicted to be worse by next weekend – too many people really don’t get it yet – stay indoors!! Seriously! #FlattenTheCurve #COVID19

@chrisbrereton1 wrote: “My exhausted fiancee, a f***ing heroine, has just got in from her hospital shift. One three-minute chat with her would convince anyone still going to pubs etc that their actions are the stupidest and most ludicrously selfish thing they will ever do in their lifetime. Get indoors.”

@Art_Li said: “Went out on a solitary walk to get some fresh air … saw about 40 cars in a gym car park & a dozen customers in a pub. My son is in the NHS front line, and those thoughtless/selfish b*****ds are putting him and others at risk. Very angry.”

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Others are sharing photos of NHS staff holding up signs pleading with drinkers to avoid going out.

@NHSMillion tweeted a picture of medics in face masks holding a placard reading: “I stayed at work for you, please stay at home for me”.

They said: “These NHS staff have stayed at work for you. Please stay at home for them. Please RT to remind others to as well. #StaySafeStayHome”.

Celebs have also waded in on the row – including Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan.

He tweeted: “If the Prime Minister won’t say it, then I will: STOP going to pubs/bars/cafes/restaurants IMMEDIATELY or reveal yourself to be a reckless, selfish imbecile with no regard to the lives of our elderly & sick. This is not a game, this is a deadly war that’s about to erupt.”

And Radio 1 host Greg James wrote: “Socialising unnecessarily increases the chances that you’ll spread the virus to someone more vulnerable than you. OLD OR YOUNG. That person could actually die. You could be infected and not know it.

“It’s mad that you’d go and sit in the pub with your mates knowing this.”

It comes as the Queen and the PM yesterday urged the UK to unite and behave responsibly to beat coronavirus within 12 weeks.

In a passionate plea, Boris Johnson said the bug can be “sent packing” if the public follow the strict new rules.

He urged the nation: Don’t go to the pub, work from home and wash your hands.”

But the PM again refused to rule out shutting pubs and restaurants to try to stop the spread – and made no hint as to whether it was on the way soon.

“We will do it very much by the science and whether we think the advice given is working,” he said.

“If we feel if it isn’t working and we need to bring in tougher measures… nothing is ruled out.”

His comments came just an hour after the Queen told Brits we must all “play our part” and not be selfish as the UK faces its biggest challenge since World War Two.

Revellers are continuing to ignore government advice and head to the pub
A reveller wears a face mask in Leeds
Others covered their faces but were still out socialising
Two girls grab a takeaway after a night out boozing

Brits have also been bragging on social media over their boozy gatherings
Young people have been told they can’t ‘breeze through’ coronavirus