Prince William Attends Funeral of Major Mike Sadler


Prince William Pays Tribute to Last Wartime SAS 'Original'

Prince William paid his respects at the funeral of Major Mike Sadler, the last surviving original soldier of the SAS, who passed away at the remarkable age of 103 in January.

A Remarkable Career Spanning Various Roles

Major Mike Sadler led an extraordinary life, serving as a farmer, sailor, soldier, and spy. His achievements included parachuting into France post-D-Day, working for MI6, and even having part of the Antarctic named after him.

Chief Navigator to SAS Founder David Stirling

Major Mike Sadler's legacy includes his crucial role as chief navigator to SAS founder David Stirling. In the absence of modern technology, he relied on the sun, stars, and dead reckoning to guide the early SAS through challenging desert terrains.

A Heroic Raid in 1941

In a daring mission in December 1941, just months after the SAS was established, Sadler participated in a successful raid on the Wadi Tamet airfield, destroying numerous enemy war planes and a fuel depot.

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