Ghislaine ‘regretful’ over Epstein lawsuit, jokes she’s penning memoirs and will stay in hiding – for pal Prince Andrew


Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘pimp’ Ghislaine Maxwell has spoken out from hiding to reveal that she’s “regretfully” filed a “reasonable” lawsuit for “millions of dollars” against the paedophile’s estate – as he once wrote that he’d bankroll her forever.

She joked that she’s writing her “bestseller” memoirs while she stays out of the public eye so as not to “antagonise the judge” and to protect Prince Andrew, who’s “suffered enough”.

Ghislaine also claims that the billionaire instructed her to protect their “friends” – begging the question of who’s still keeping quiet on their behalf in the never-ending saga.

Ghislaine has a written promise Epstein would bankroll her forever

Ghislaine says Prince Andrew, they’re both pictured here with ‘victim’ Virginia Roberts, has “suffered enough”

Her family friend Laura Goldman, who still speaks to her in hiding, told Sun Online: “She said that she regretfully had to file this lawsuit to enforce a promise Jeffrey made to her repeatedly over many years of their close relationship.

“He eventually wrote that he would support her forever in writing in 2004 because she was so indispensable to him both personally and professionally.

“The lawyer for his estate – who she’s known for a long time – promised to continue paying her substantial legal fees and other costs associated with their legal entanglements after Jeffrey’s death.

“He agreed that she wouldn’t have incurred these costs if not for working for Jeffrey Epstein. She says that the costs she’s asked for reimbursement for are more than reasonable.”

The former Brit socialite is suing deceased Epstein’s estate in a complaint filed earlier this month in the Virgin Islands – for all her continuing legal and security costs after seven months in hiding – alongside the women alleging that they were recruited and sometimes sexually abused by Epstein’s former girlfriend Ghislaine.

The claim states that Maxwell receives “regular threats to her life and safety”, requiring her to “hire personal security services and find safe accommodation”.

Meanwhile Ghislaine still maintains that she’s done nothing wrong, with Laura saying: “She claims that despite not knowing anything about the activities which Epstein has been accused of, she moans that her life has been seriously disrupted and her reputation has been tarnished – although she still hopes that that’s only temporarily.

“She even jokes, ‘I’m busy writing my memoirs’, which she dryly adds might be a bestseller.

“She says that she still keeps in touch with friends and family, but has begun limiting visits – despite being in hiding – due to the increased vitriol surrounding the case.

“And she states that she certainly believes that she’s entitled to security costs running into millions of dollars because if it wasn’t for the hysteria around the case alleging misconduct by Jeffrey, she wouldn’t need to worry about her safety.

“And she cannot comprehend the estate’s refusal to pay for the legal fees associated with the case after Jeffrey ‘gave her explicit instructions to protect friends and associates whose identities are currently sealed’.”

Her comments have left Laura wondering, “So who else is out there, who’s presumably a household name, who might have an Epstein secret? On that she wouldn’t comment.”

And she added: “Ghislaine says that she’s lying low on the advice of counsel, respecting the judicial process and not wanting to do anything to antagonise the judge.

“She continues by stating that Prince Andrew has suffered enough and that she needs to protect friends and family.

“And Ghislaine adds that if she came forward or was even pictured now, it would only ‘throw petrol on the hysteria’ as ‘no one would listen to the truth’.”

The Duke of York and the Queen’s rumoured favourite son – slammed over his car crash Newsnight interview last November about his friendship with sex offender Epstein – has always denied any wrongdoing.

A spokeswoman at Buckingham Palace declined to comment on his behalf.

The complaint claims that Maxwell worked for Epstein and a number of his companies as a property manager until 2001, at which point she scaled back her role until 2004 when she started her own business.

When she did leave, Maxwell claims that Epstein promised to provide for her moving forward, and in fact did so when she was later sued by two of his victims – Sarah Ransome and Virginia Roberts.

Handwritten promise to always support Maxwell financially

“In approximately 2004, Maxwell received a typewritten letter from Epstein with a handwritten note asking Maxwell to remain in Epstein’s employ and promising that no matter what Maxwell chose to do, Epstein would always support Maxwell financially,” reads the complaint.

Maxwell is currently in litigation with at least three Epstein accusers – Annie Farmer, Jennifer Araoz and a woman named only as Jane Doe.

In the filing, Maxwell states that these lawsuits began to pile up after Epstein’s 2007 plea deal in Palm Beach.

Maxwell writes that she invoiced the estate in November but received no response, and has listed its two executors – Darren Indyke and Richard Kahn – as co-defendants.

She also writes that Epstein paid the legal bills of “a number of other employees in other various lawsuits relating to Epstein.”

A quarterly accounting report filed by executors for the estate that was obtained by HOAR shows that 33 individuals or companies are seeking damages to be paid out from Epstein’s $600 million trust.

Epstein was being tried on numerous sexual abuse charges prior to his jail suicide last August.

Epstein had made payouts between one and six million dollars in the past, which means that the estate could already be looking at a total bill of over $100 million, with more lawsuits still to come.

This will all ultimately diminish the money set to go to his lone heir, his brother Mark Epstein.

Laura Goldman questions who else knows what, but says pal Ghislaine ‘won’t comment’ on that

Maxwell, last pictured here last August, jokes she’s penning her memoirs and will stay in hiding

The Epstein estate already faces a $100 billion bill from lawsuits, with more to come