Harry and Meghan reunite with two aides who lost their jobs during Megxit as Sussexes go on Archewell hiring spree


HARRY and Meghan have reunited with two aides who lost their jobs during ‘Megxit’ as the Sussexes go on a hiring spree.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have re-hired former palace staffers Clara Loughran and Beth Herlihy to work for their non-profit organisation Archewell, the Daily Mail reported.

Harry and Meghan have reunited with two aides who lost their jobs during ‘Megxit’
Beth Herlihy began working for the Sussexes in September 2018
Clara Loughran had worked for Prince Harry since 2015

Both women, aged in their 30s, lost their jobs when Harry and Meghan stepped back as senior members of the Royal Family.

The Sussexes have also hired employees in the United States – including a head of communications, a press secretary and a chief of staff.

Experts suggested their wage bill could be more than £1million this year.

Mrs Loughran had worked for Prince Harry since 2015, and was made a Member of the Royal Victorian Order by the Queen on the dukes’s recommendation.

Ms Herlihy began working for the Sussexes in September 2018, but lost her job in March when Harry and Meghan moved to North America.

Mrs Loughran and Ms Herlihy had recently formed a company called Herlihy Loughran, which aims to connect “influential people” to worthy causes.


Meghan and Harry have revealed their charity, the Archewell Foundation, will fund food kitchens in disaster zones as its first major project.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have announced their non-profit, which was set up eight months ago, has now joined forces with the World Central Kitchen which feeds people in disaster-stricken areas.

The Sussexes’ charity was launched back in April with a Greek-based name.

They say Archewell derives from the ancient word arche — or “source of action” — which also inspired the name of 11-month-old son Archie.

Arche appeared more than 2,500 years ago and was defined by philosopher Aristotle in a fourth century BC treatise.

Harry and Meghan, who now live in Los Angeles, used a Hollywood lawyer to register and trademark Archewell in the US.

The Sussexes have also hired employees in the United States


Patent Office documents detail trademarks covering products including clothing, TV shows and even paper clips and calendars.

Harry and Megan have not revealed how much money they will be putting towards the project despite the pair signing a £30million deal with Spotify.

They confirmed the first episode from their Archewell Audio podcast would be festive-themed when they announced the new venture.

And insiders have said the pair were now being lined up for the possibility of ticketed events – which would be charged at a premium.

Their deal with Spotify comes just months after HOAR exclusively revealed the pair had signed a £100m contract with Netflix.

Explaining their podcast in a three-minute scripted trailer, Meghan said: “One of the things my husband and I have always talked about is our passion for meeting people and hearing their stories.

“And no matter what the story they usually offer an understanding of where someone else is coming from and, in some way, remind you of a story about yourself.”


In November, Meghan hired two new publicity experts in a desperate bid to bolster her ailing image.

News of the appointments comes after her and Harry were slammed for staging their own pictures in a Los Angeles cemetery for Remembrance Sunday.

A source said: “Meghan is well aware that she and Harry are no longer the golden couple.

“Prince William and Kate can do no wrong now as far as the UK is concerned, whereas she and Harry are seen as a self-interested couple who quit the Royal Family to pursue their own interests.

“Meghan hopes to turn things around and show people how committed to doing good she is, and for them to see a different, more positive side to her.

“Whilst this isn’t crisis management as such, given her popularity ratings right now, it’s not far off.”

Christine Weil Schirmer was installed in a head of communications role and Toya Holness has been appointed press secretary.

The couple will continue to employ Hollywood PR firm Sunshine Sachs and their UK-based PR James Holt will report to ex-Pinterest social media executive Christine.