‘Living Nostradamus’ who ‘foresaw Queen’s death’ reveals his predictions for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s future


A PROPHET dubbed the ‘living Nostradamus’ has told what he believes the future holds for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Athos Salomé, 36, claims to have already correctly prophesised the Covid pandemic, the invasion of Ukraine and the Queen’s death.

Athos Salomé, 36, has claimed he has predicted Harry and Meghan’s future

It comes after the pair released their bombshell Netflix show

The Brazilian has been dubbed the ‘living Nostradamus’

After his psychic accuracy of the last few years, Athos has now issued a new list of predictions – including what will happen to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

The pair this week released the first bombshell volume of their Netflix docu-series – revealing to the world how their relationship blossomed.

And now Athos has revealed what he believes will happen to them over the next few years.

The Brazilian man, who first discovered his talent aged just 12, told the Daily Star that a metaphorical “bomb” will appear in Harry’s life next summer.

He said: “Between January and March 2023 Harry’s life will change, July and October the bomb will appear, if not hidden before the events and scandals.

“In short, between January and October 2023, the month of April also says a lot about some situations.”

The Brazilian clairvoyant claims his visions hit him out of the blue claims Meghan will soon “become history”.

He explained: “Mysteries surround the life of the Royal Family, especially Harry’s, between the years 2027 and 2028 you will understand another story becoming history.

“Meghan, Duchess of Sussex will also become history between the years 2025 and 2026.”

It comes after Meghan was slammed online for “mocking” having to curtsy to the late-Queen.

The Duchess was discussing how unusual she found it to have to curtsy to the Queen, saying it was like “medieval times” in episode two of the new doc.

The couple revealed that she had first met the Queen at the Royal Lodge in 2016, shortly after they met.

Prince Harry said that he had reminded a stunned Meghan in the car on the way their that she would have to curtsy to his grandmother, given that she was the sitting monarch.

Describing the experience, the Duchess recalled: “Now I’m starting to realise ‘This is a big deal’. I mean, Americans will understand this… We have medieval times, dinner and tournament. It was like that.”

At that point she demonstrated the exaggerated curtsy and seemed to chuckle at the ridiculousness of it all.