Love Islands Siannise and Luke T to move to Windsor and become the new Meghan and Harry


LOVE Island stars Siannise Fudge and Luke Trotman say they are going to move to Windsor and settle down after being crowned runners-up on the show.

The 25-year-old beauty consultant and 22-year-old footballer are even open to getting married at the town’s famous castle, like the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Love Island stars Luke T and Siannise say they are moving in together – in Windsor

Speaking about their plans to move in together, Luke said: “Im from Luton and Sinnise is from Bristol.

“Were thinking well move to wherever is in the middle. We think the middle is in Windsor.”

Quizzed over whether they were planning to be the prince and princess of Love Island’s winter edition, he gushed: “Windsor Castle! Imagine.”

And asked if they could have a “fairytale” like Harry and Meghan, she added: “Imagine! Thatd be perfect. I will do what Ive got to do to be with him.”

The pair came runners-up on Love Island on Sunday night

Siannise said a Windsor Castle wedding like Harry and Meghan would be ‘perfect’

They are plotting a move together to the idyllic Berkshire town

However, when questioned about whether they could throw a wedding that would trump the Sussexes, he said: “Well see”

Speaking about the prospect of having children together in the future, Luke said: “We want four kids.”

Siannise added: “We are very family orientated and thats why we are so connected as well because we have the same feelings about family.

“Kids are always something Ive wanted and I know it is what Luke wants, too.”

The pair were a hit on Love Island but lost out to Finn and Paige

The couple dancing on their date ahead of the high-stakes final

He added: “Weve said once were stable financially, and in our relationship, I think wed do it.”

The pair said it was “surreal” having made it to the final, with Siannise saying eventual winners Paige Turley and Finn Tapp “fully deserved it”.

Luke added: “It was surreal standing next to such a strong couple and for viewers to think you are as strong as them.”

And he said he had his eye on Siannise even when he was back in the UK watching the show on ITV2, admitting: “I found her most attractive.

The pair posing with Love Island host Laura Whitmore on Sunday night

Siannise and Luke came second on the show to Finn and Paige

“I wasnt sure if we would get on but when I got in the villa and we got speaking, I just knew.

“Obviously I was in a love triangle with Sinnise and Rebecca [Gormley] but after that, it was when Sinnise and Nas were in the bottom two couples in the recoupling and I was coupled up with Rebecca.

“I was sat opposite Sinnise just thinking: I dont want her to leave.

“That made me realise that she is the one for me. Her personality has blown me away. I definitely made the right decision.”

She said: “I definitely knew, as soon as he came through those doors I definitely thought, He is a bit of me!

“When we went on the date, it was non-stop laughter, we just bounced off of each other, I just felt like we had so much in common.

“I felt like thats when I knew I wanted to spend more time with him and see where it could go.”