Meghan Markle latest news: Meg & Harry poses ‘unnatural & staged’ as they’re warned ‘people will get bored of them’


ACCORDING to body language expert Judi James, while Meghan and Harry pose for very romantic shots, their poses are far from the natural and candid selves that the pair want to convey.

She told Fabulous Digital what the Sussex’s poses really mean, saying that: “A swift glance might be natural but to walk and eye-gaze is tricky and unnatural, suggesting the Sussex’s adopt this look as a signal to the world rather than a spontaneous ritual.”

“It suggests that this is a staged look as walking while prolonged eye-gazing would normally end in a tumble! It looks like a performed pose they like to use for the cameras.”

In other news, a royal expert has warned people will “get bored” of Meghan and Harry’s “touchy-feely” content as they continue to sign deals without delivering.

Royal historian Hugo Vickers told the Express: “I’m of the sort of generation that finds all this touchy-feely stuff rather unattractive, and I don’t really understand it and I don’t go for it either.

“So, I wonder, what have they got to say, will their message get any better as time goes on?

“Or will it just be more of the same? And people will get bored with them, won’t they?”

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