Meghan Markle news: Queen Elizabeth left a ‘beautiful legacy’ as Duchess says she’s ‘grateful’ to support Prince Harry


PRINCE Harry and Meghan’s alleged attacks on the monarchy will lead to Charles being “ruthless” if they continue, a royal expert suggests.

Katie Nicholl, author of The New Royals and Vanity Fair’s Royal Family correspondent told The Daily Beast: “There is no doubt that Charles would like Harry and Meghan to be at his coronation.

“And to be fair to Charles, he has been magnanimous in terms of extending, very publicly, olive branches to the Sussexes, not only in his televised accession address but also putting them front and centre at the funeral events.

“But he does expect respect in return, and a problem is going to arise if, between now and then, Harry repays him by attacking him, Camilla or the institution.

“He is not going to put up with inaccurate and unfair attacks.”

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