Prince George goes by a cheeky nickname at school – and Kate and Wills even use it at home now


PRINCE William and Kate Middleton have adopted a new nickname for their eldest son Prince George – and it’s very cheeky. 

The young royal might be third in line to the throne, but this didn’t stop his pals at Thomas’ Battersea primary school from coming up with an endearing name for him. 

Prince George’s cheeky nickname coined by his peers has been revealed

Both friends and his parents call him ‘PG’ or ‘Tips’

George turned 10 on 22 July

Instead of using his name or title, pupils called him by his initials: PG. 

According to, George, who turned 10 on 22 July, liked the nickname so much that he even got his parents to use it at home. 

William and Kate, both 41, have also been taking on a playful approach to their son’s nickname as they say both ‘PG’ and ‘Tips’, referencing the famous tea brand PG Tips. 

Usually, royal children are called by their first name and surname at school, which means George would be known as George Wales by his teachers and friends. 

William and his brother Prince Harry, 38, also went by the surname ‘Wales’ during their time as kids. 

George isn’t the only one with a nickname though as back in 2019, William let slip the sweet name he calls his daughter Princess Charlotte, seven.

During a trip to the Chelsea Flower Show garden, which was designed by Kate, he could be heard calling Charlotte “mignonette”. 

The French word translates to “cute” but is also used as a term of endearment to mean “little darling” or “cutie”. 

Meanwhile, during a trip to Northern Ireland during the same year, Kate was heard calling her daughter Lottie. 

Speaking to the Daily Mail about a conversation she had with the Princess of Wales, she said: “I said he is four and she said, ‘Oh, he’s the same age as Lottie’.

“She calls her Lottie.”

And the doting parents also have a nickname for their youngest son, five-year-old Louis.

According to Vogue, during the nationwide volunteering initiative in honour of the coronation of King Charles, Kate let slip the endearing name they have for their little one. 

While handing Louis a stick to roast marshmallows over a fire pit at the “Big Help Out”, she was overheard telling him: “Pop that in the fire, Lou Bug.”