Prince Harry faces battle over US visa after drug admissions in memoir


Legal dispute over visa application

Prince Harry is in the midst of a legal battle over his US visa application after revealing his past drug use in his memoir, Spare. Lawyers from the Heritage Foundation are challenging the Department for Homeland Security's decision regarding his eligibility to enter the country.

Admissions of drug use

In his memoir, Prince Harry openly admitted to using cocaine, marijuana, and psychedelic mushrooms. Despite stating that cocaine did not have a significant impact on him, he acknowledged that marijuana had a positive effect. The Duke of Sussex detailed his experiences with these substances, including an instance where he felt the need to be different.

Controversial statements in court filing

The Department for Homeland Security raised concerns about Prince Harry's admissions, accusing him of "bragging" about his past drug use for financial gain. They emphasized that such revelations could have serious implications for his immigration status, regardless of his legal counsel's advice.