Prince Harry & Meghan Markle offer rare glimpse inside Queen’s private ‘cottage’ where she played as a child

Harry and Meghan - NETFLIX

PRINCE Harry and Meghan Markle have offered a rare glimpse inside the Queen’s private “cottage” where she played as a child.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex appear to have released photos of the “Welsh Cottage” to Netflix for their bombshell docuseries.

Harry and Meghan appeared to have offered a rare glimpse into the Queen’s private “cottage”

The historic location was favourite of the late Queen and Princess Margaret

The Royal Family at Windsor in the 1930s

The historic location in the grounds of Windsor is where the late Queen and her sister Princess Margaret played as children.

The first three episodes of the couple’s docuseries, titled Harry & Meghan launched on Thursday and dives into the pair’s “love story” as well as their feud with the Royal Family.

And the explosive release left the palace reeling at a wave of astonishing personal attacks.

One picture now released shows Harry and Meghan laughing as they sit on tiny children’s chairs drinking from a royal tea-set.

But it is not clear when the pictures of the Sussexes in the cottage were taken.

However, royal insiders say that it is unlikely the household would have given them permission to hand them over as part of a commercial deal, according to Mail Online.

One said: “It just seems like they were gathering as much material as quickly as they could before they were shut down by the Palace.”

Princess Elizabeth was given the two-storey thatched cottage – called “Y Bwthyn Bach” or “The Little House” – by the people of Wales for her sixth birthday in 1932.

The abode came with electric lighting and running water as well as furniture and even a working phone.

Both Elizabeth and Margaret adored the house and proudly looked after it themselves. It is not open to the public and never has been.

Ahead of new Netflix episodes this week, Harry and Meghan have appeared to take a fresh swipe at the Royal Family in the latest trailer for the controversial show.

In the 1 minute trailer, the prince accuses the Palace of “not telling the truth to protect” him and Meghan but being happy to lie to protect brother William in the clip.

The next episodes of Harry and Meghan’s Netflix show will be released on the day Kate hosts her festive carol service.

The revelations in the docu-series threaten to overshadow the Princess of Wales’ second Together At Christmas event.

Last week, experts warned the Netflix doc was the “final nail” in the coffin between Meghan and Harry and the Royals – with the couple already appearing to change their story five times.

Meghan described her first meeting with Princess Kate as “jarring”.

Meanwhile, in an apparent dig at his dad King Charles’ parenting, Harry claimed he was “brought up” by friends in Africa.