Prince Harry says he no longer recognises his family after ‘what they’ve done’


HARRY said he no longer recognised his family after “what they’ve done” but conceded they probably felt the same way about him.

He also said he wanted a reconciliation with them.

Prince Harry tonight revealed ‘I would like to get my father and brother back’ – pictured here at the ‘Our Planet’ global premiere in 2019, in London

Harry added ‘I don’t recognise them, as much as they probably don’t recognise me’ – pictured here with William and Meghan at Buckingham Palace in 2018

The Duke added: “There’s probably a lot of people who, after watching the documentary and reading the book, will go, ‘How could you ever forgive your family for what they’ve done? People have already said that to me.

“And I said, forgiveness is 100 per cent a possibility because I would like to get my father back. I would like to have my brother back.

“At the moment, I don’t recognise them, as much as they probably don’t recognise me.”

Harry said he had spent big on lawyers “trying to find some form of reconciliation”.

And he claimed Charles was not cut out to be a single dad, saying: “He’d always given an air of not being quite ready for parenthood: the responsibilities, the patience, the time.”

He denied being “consistently scathing” about Camilla, and insisted he was happy for her and his father when they married.

Prince Harry pictured here with King Charles and Prince William at Diana tributes in 1997