Queen Camilla Jokes About Grandson Louis Being ‘Quite a Handful’ on Royal Visit


Queen's Playful Quip

During a recent royal visit, Queen Camilla made a lighthearted comment about her grandson Louis, calling him "quite a handful." Although many assumed she was referring to Prince William and Kate's youngest child, it turns out the Queen actually has two grandsons named Louis.

Royal Visit Highlights

Queen Camilla, filling in for King Charles due to his cancer diagnosis, visited community groups in Onchan, Isle of Man, and met with representatives from the RNLI. She also interacted with members of the public in Douglas Borough Council, where she was warmly welcomed by cheering crowds.

City Status Conferral

During the visit, Camilla presented the Letters Patent to confer city status on the Borough of Douglas, a duty typically carried out by the King. The Queen addressed the chamber and read a speech on behalf of her husband, expressing his disappointment at not being able to attend.

Warm Reception

Despite the King's absence, Camilla received bouquets of flowers from delighted well-wishers, including Rachael Hughes and her twins, Louie and Oliver. The Queen's humorous remark about her grandson Louis being a handful brought smiles to those in attendance.

Community Engagement

After the public interactions, Camilla met with the Isle of Man's Chief Minister and various community groups at Government House. The visit marked a significant occasion as the Queen conferred city status without the King present.

Prince Louis's Charismatic Moments

Prince Louis has been known for his playful antics and expressive facial gestures during public events, including the Platinum Jubilee celebrations. From shushing his mother to trying his hand at archery, the young prince continues to captivate audiences with his whimsical demeanor.