Queen Elizabeth birthday news – Royal insiders reveal HILARIOUS moments that left Her Majesty in fits of giggles


AS THE Queen celebrated her her 96th birthday yesterday, a royal expert has revealed what makes the monarch laugh.

There has been much solemnity and seriousness in the Queen’s life, but royal historian Robert Lacey says The Monarch has developed a “sense of the absurd”, adding that “she obviously takes her job seriously – but at the same time, it doesn’t stop her having a sense of the ridiculous“.

And, according to Karen Dolby, author of the Wicked Wit of Queen Elizabeth II, she is also said to be a very good mimic – particularly good in impression of the former Russian leader Boris Yeltsin.

Laughter is the best medicine, and so the long reigning monarch finds humour useful way of breaking the ice and defusing tension when people are nervous around her.

“She’s quick to see when people are not at ease,” Historian and author Sir Anthony Seldon says.

“The ability to be entertained and to see the funny side of life helps to keep her in contact with people.”

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