Queen Elizabeth health news – How Kate Middleton could be handed Her Majesty’s power if tragic events unfold


THE Queen celebrates her 96th birthday this month and landmark Platinum Jubilee this year, but Kate could be handed Her Majesty’s power if several tragic events unfolded.

Since the monarch caught COVID from Prince Charles earlier in the year, more talk has turned to what happens next.

In line for the throne are Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince George, but according to GB News, Kate Middleton could see herself with all powers of the monarch under legal guidelines.

In the case that the Queen, Prince Charles and Prince William pass on, Kate may end up with the legal powers of the monarch until Prince George is of age to take the throne.

This will be due to the Regency Act 1937, which states that if a monarch is incapable of ruling for health reasons, or because the sovereign is not yet of age, then their legal guardian would step in.

In Prince George’s case, if he was to ascend to the throne before he turned 18 then Kate, his legal guardian, would take charge.

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