Queen Elizabeth news – ‘Impatient’ Philip threatened to ‘throw her out of car’ as she ‘yelped’ at him for driving fast


PRINCE Philip threatened to throw Queen ‘out of a car’ after ‘yelping’ at him for driving too fast.

A friend and biographer, to the Duke of Edinburgh, Gyles Brandreth has told how the Monarch’s late husband was known to ‘drive fast’.

Mr Brandreth told the BBC Today Programme: “I have been in a car with him and I have to say he drives really well, but he can drive fast. 

“When he was younger he was a dynamo, he did everything fast.  

“He was a dynamo and he could be impatient. His cousin Countess Mountbatten told me that her father, Lord Mountbatten, was once driving with the Queen and Prince Philip through Cowdrey Park and Prince Philip was going too fast according to Lord Mountbatten.”

The royal biographer continued to say: “The Queen was sort of yelping and drawing in her breath and flinching as he drove so fast. 

“And Prince Philip turned to her and said, ‘Look, if you do that once more I will put you out of the car’.

“And when the hair-raising journey came to an end Lord Mountbatten asked the Queen why she hadn’t protested, saying ‘You’re the Queen’.

“But the Queen said, ‘Oh you heard what he said and he meant it.’”

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