Sarah Ferguson told me real reason she fell out with Diana – she was heartbroken they didn’t make up before Di’s death

WINDSOR, UNITED KINGDOM - MAY 17: Princess Diana And The Duchess Of York Stand Together As They Watch A Polo Match In Windsor, Berkshire (Photo by Tim Graham/Getty Images)

PIERS Morgan has revealed that Sarah Ferguson told him the real reason she fell out with Princess Diana three months before Lady Di’s tragic death.

In his latest column – which gave a deeper insight into Sarah’s life -Talk TV host Piers disclosed how ‘Fergie’ was heartbroken over the rift with Diana.

Princess Diana And The Duchess Of York Stand Together as they watched a polo match in Windsor

Recounting a “raucous” dinner out in London with Sarah in 1996, Piers said that the pair had drunk “like fish” together.

But the fantastically entertaining night was also tinged with sadness when the subject of Princess Diana came up.

Piers said that Sarah’s “mood suddenly changed” when he asked if she’d seen Diana recently.

According to Piers, the Duchess reportedly replied: “No, she won’t talk to me because I put in my book that I once caught verrucas after borrowing her shoes, and said I thought Charles was an extraordinary man, which he is.

“Diana just cut me off.”

Three months later, the Princess was dead, with the rift still unrepaired.

Piers added that Sarah was left heartbroken that she and Diana didn’t make up before her tragic death.

And he claims that Sarah told him: “Diana would have come back to me, I know that, but she never got the chance and now I miss her so much.”

It was one of many blows Sarah’s endured in her life including the untimely death of her mother Susan – who accompanied her to Diana’s funeral – just a year later, also in a car crash. 

And Piers adds that the Duchess told him the royals who treated her best were the late Queen Elizabeth II, her ex-husband, and our new King Charles and Queen Camilla.

Piers finished off his column by wishing his “wonderfully ebullient friend” Sarah a “full, speedy recovery”.

The Duchess, known as ‘Fergie’, has been in the headlines after recently being admitted to King Edward VII Hospital in London following a shock breast cancer diagnosis.

The Duchess was discharged Sunday morning after six days of medical care.

It comes as Prince Andrew has been seen for the first time since the Duchess revealed she had undergone a breast cancer operation.

The Duke of York, 63, was seen wearing shades behind the wheel of a car as he drove around Windsor earlier today.

He was then spotted out and about on a horse near his home.

Andrew is currently supporting the Duchess, 63, as she recovers at their home.

Fergie was handed the devastating news after a recent routine mammogram only a couple of weeks ago.

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