Sun readers’ heartwarming messages to Deborah James after cancer campaigner receives Damehood in final days


INSPIRATIONAL Deborah James has been hailed a “a shining star” by Sun readers.

Hundreds of heartwarming messages have poured in for the cancer campaigner after she was awarded a Damehood and raised more than £5million for charity.

Deborah James received her Damehood from Prince William on May 13
Dame Debs has raised more than £5million for charity

The mum-of-two was presented with the honour by Prince William yesterday – a tribute to how her honest account of having bowel cancer has touched the hearts of the nation and the Royal Family.

Dame Debs said she was “lost for words” after the Duke of Cambridge personally visited her home to do the honours – as well smashing her original fundraising target of £250,000.

In just five days, thousands of people have donated almost £5.5m to the 40-year-old’s Bowelbabe fund for Cancer Research UK.

Deborah launched the GoFundMe, urging people to buy her a drink, on Monday when she revealed she was on end-of-life care.

Since then, Sun readers have written to the “wonderful woman” in her final days.



I could’ve spoken to Wills all day, says Deborah James as she gets Damehood


Queen ‘pleased’ to make Deborah James a Dame after outpouring of love

You are beyond brave, Deborah. A true inspiration and a shining star. Catherine Bowen

Deborah, you are a beautiful soul inside and out and your bravery shines like a huge beacon. Sarah Cass

The world needs more people like you. You’re beautiful inside and out and an inspiration to me and so many more. My heart breaks for you and your family. Gemma Richards

You are a true inspiration. Your selfless act of raising awareness and funds will help many other poor families who are also facing the horrors of cancer battles. Julia Gorski

I honestly don’t know how you’ve done it, to remain so positive and selfless when so easily and rightly you could have gone the other way. You are an incredible women, a true hero. I couldn’t name anyone more deserving of being a Dame. Lauren Quinn

Not many people leave a mark on the world like you have Deborah. Annie Woods

Deborah you’re a true inspiration. Even in your darkest hours your spirit and resilience is just amazing! What an amazing legacy to leave your children and family. May your next journey be full of love, light and dancing. Peace be with you beautiful. Kerry Boxell

Beautiful Deborah, I’ve followed you all along your battle which you have fought with dignity and courage. You are so brave and selfless. I’ll remember you always as a vivacious, beautiful, caring lady who has touched all our hearts. Suzanne Temple

You Deborah have to be one of the most amazing people I have never met. I admire and send you all the love in the world. Everything you have faced you done with a smile and the utter most dignity. You really are one amazing lady. I will never forget you. The whole of the United Kingdom is behind you. Tracey Langley

Dear Miss Sunshine, you are an absolute inspiration. You have fought this awful disease the best that you can and given your beautiful children a role model to remember forever. Katie Jenkins

You’re an extraordinary woman who has danced your way through this disease. May you dance your way to the stars knowing you’ve touched so many hearts. Mel Taylor

Your actions show true grace and selflessness. I hope you inspire others to think similarly should they face any circumstance akin to what you are bravely facing head on. You should be so proud of all that you have given out into this world. L Milner

You will live on in our hearts and we will never forget your courageous fight, or your beautiful face, still smiling after all that you have been through. Anne Brooks

Deborah, if all the love and utter admiration everyone feels for you could save you, you would live forever. We have never met, and probably never will, but I will never ever forget you. You can be assured your legacy will live on forever. Tanya Gillmore

You are truly a modern day heroine. Marion Rubens

Dearest Deborah, I feel compelled to tell you what a inspirational soul you are. I have followed your journey and I have cried, I have laughed, but most of all I am in awe of your strength and determination. You truly are a superhero. Karen Lawrence

Deborah, aka Bowelbabe, and now Dame Debs, I’ve followed you through my own cancer experience your positivity has dragged me out of the gutter at times. Your dancing has kept me going. Laura Michie

Every so often someone very special comes along to change the world for better and my beautiful soul you are one of those. Rhonda Cupples

You’ve captured the hearts of the nation. You truly are the most incredible, brave, selfless and inspirational human being. Zoe Houghton

You are one of a kind Deborah James. Your children have had the best role model. Elaine Wood

Dame Deborah, you are sunshine in human form. Your fighting spirit, grit and determination has been an example to us all. Elaine Ritchie

You are so brave and wonderful. Melissa

All the love in the world and more. You’re simply amazing. A hero of our time. I’ll remember you until my dying day. Donna Robertson

You are the strongest human being ever known. Your name will live on eternally. Sheila Gaught

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Sun readers have hailed Deborah ‘a hero’ and ‘an inspiration’
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