The Cabins’ Ashleigh reveals she’s a Meghan Markle impersonator – but baffled fans think they’re nothing alike


VIEWERS of The Cabins have been left scratching their heads after newbie Ashleigh revealed she is a Meghan Markle look-a-like.

The 23-year-old farmer’s daughter made her entrance on Friday night’s show before moving into a cabin with fellow countryman Stuart.

The Cabins’ Ashleigh has revealed she is a professional Meghan Markle look-a-like
The hairdresser says she impersonates the Duchess Of Sussex for a living

But as the pair got to know each other, Ashleigh told Stuart – a land buyer – that she impersonates the Duchess Of Sussex for a living.

Ashleigh told him: “I’ve got something to tell you. So I’m actually a professional Meghan Markle look-a-like.”

On hearing this, Stuart broke into fits of laughter, exclaiming: “What? That is ridiculous!”

Fans of the ITV2 reality series were equally as baffled by hairdresser Ashleigh’s claims, too.

Ashleigh made the confession about her job while getting to know Stuart

Stuart found the revelation hilarious

Fans were not convinced by the apparent likeness

One tweeted: “Megan who look alike? erm… #TheCabins.”

Another commented: “Meghan Markle look a like?! Really?! #TheCabins.”

A third even shared a picture of blind musician Stevie Wonder, musing: “Professional Meghan Markle lookalike? For who Stevie Wonder?”

Ashleigh and Stuart were one of two new couple’s to arrive at The Cabins on Friday night (January 15, 2021).

Ashleigh has starred on reality telly before

She made a cameo in Ibiza Weekender

Ashleigh and Stuart appeared to hit it off

But it turns out Ashleigh has already had a taste of reality TV fame as a guest on Ibiza Weekender.

That cameo appearance led to a snog with holiday rep Callum, and she’s hoping her time on The Cabins will be even more productive.

Speaking of her telly past, she says: “I’ve never dated a celeb. I kissed someone on Ibiza Weekender – Callum. That’s the only person.

“I was a guest on Ibiza Weekender with my sister.”

At the end of the show, both she and dressage enthusiast Stuart decided to stay checked into The Cabin when given the option to check out.