The Queen has been styling her own hair at Windsor Castle during lockdown


THE Queen has been “doing” her own hair during lockdown at Windsor Castle, HOAR can reveal.

Millions marvelled at how good Her Majesty’s ‘Barnet’ looked during her two recent televised addresses to the nation.

Millions were amazed at how The Queen’s hair looked during her recent addresses to the nation

And now a well placed source has told how the 94 year-old monarch has looked after her own locks for decades when her hairdresser isn’t available.

“The Queen has done her own hair for years at Balmoral during her summer holidays and so she’s used to it” said the insider. She washes, drys and sets it herself – and she’s very good at it! She has had lots of practice and so she knows exactly what to do.”

“She has been carrying on at Windsor because no outsiders are allowed into the Castle to protect her and Prince Philip, who’s 99 next month. Her dresser Angela Kelly has been helping her but the Queen does it all herself. It is typical of her that she just keeps calm and makes the best of things.”

For 23 years the Queen’s hairdresser has been London-based Scot Ian Carmichael. The flamboyant bachelor normally goes to Buckingham Palace or Windsor Castle at least once a week to attend to his most famous client. Fiercely loyal to the Queen, he never talks about his visits.

Her Majesty has had her hairdresser’s help, Scot Ian Carmichael, for over 23 years

But in previous interviews he has said : “Of all my clients the Queen is by far my favourite. She has wonderful hair.”

Talking about older women and their hair, he has said :”Women in their mid 40s and 50s would at one time rush to cut their hair off.

“It was like they became wives, mothers, a certain age and then cut it all off. But actually, hundreds of older women, as long as their hair is healthy and in good condition, look much better with soft long hair.”

Ian, 58, was rewarded for his service in 2012 when the Queen made him a Member of the Royal Victorian Order, an honour for personal service to the monarch.

The Queen’s hairdresser previously said: ‘Of all my clients the Queen is by far my favourite’

A Windsor Castle source said : “Ian adores the Queen and is upset that he can’t visit her but totally understands the situation. He knows she is in good hands – herself!”

The Queen stopped dyeing her hair in 1990 with a product called Chocolate Kiss and gracefully went grey within a few months.

Millions admired her hair during her “We’ll Meet Again” speech in April and VE Day address on May 8 when she looked her best and lifted spirits.