The reason Princess Charlotte may have to wait for prestigious title until William becomes king


MANY members of the royal family are granted specific titles during their lifetime and these can change as the line of succession is updated.

Princess Charlotte is in line for the Princess Royal title

Princess Anne is the current title holder, as she was the eldest daughter of the monarch at the time.

Her current official title is Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Wales – but she is in line for a grand title during her lifetime.

One day she is to receive the Princess Royal title, which is currently held by Princess Anne.

This title is usually held by the eldest daughter of a monarch, and there have been seven Princess Royals to date.

The first person to hold the title was Princess Mary, who was the eldest daughter of King Charles I and Queen Henrietta Maria.

But it’s important to note that a future recipient of the title may have to wait if the current title holder is still alive.

This was seen when King George V died and his daughter Mary was the Princess Royal, the next monarch, his son King George VI couldn’t pass the title on to Princess Elizabeth as Mary was still using it.

The Princess Royal title goes back to a reigning monarch when the title holder dies, and it is then down to them to bestow it on their daughter, if they have one.

When Princess Anne passes away, the title will be given back to the current king, and is likely to be bestowed to Princess Charlotte when Prince William becomes king.

Charlotte’s brothers could also get a title change when their dad ascends the throne.

Prince George will be in line for the Prince of Wales title, while Prince Louis could gain a dukedom, such as the Duke of Cambridge or Duke of York.