Ukraine troops hail Brit anti-tank missiles sending Putin’s invasion into disarray & thank the Queen for deadly ‘gifts’


UKRAINIAN soldiers have thanked Britain and the Queen for sending anti-tank weapons to them.

One trooper called the deadly equipment a “beautiful thing” while another urged for more “toys like these” to be sent.

A Ukrainian soldier thanked The Queen for Britain’s anti-tank missiles
Another called the weapons a beautiful thing

The weapons have been used with devastating effect in the war so far

The UK has sent 3,615 anti-tank NLAW weapons to Ukraine to help its defence against Vladimir Putin.

One soldier from the Sumy region addressed a camera while standing among the wreckage of a Russian tank.

He said: “We hit it thanks to the gifts from Her Majesty The Queen.

“Give us more toys like these and there will be more destroyed tanks.


“Civilians also ask for them but we cannot give NLAW to every Ukrainian, though we would like to.”

Another soldier added: “This one was shot from this beautiful thing. And I want to say a big thank you to our British comrades helping us.”

Britain is also planning to send Ukraine the fastest surface-to-air missiles in the world.

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace told MPs the Starstreak high-velocity portable missiles will be handed over to help shoot down Russian military aircraft.

Travelling at over three times the speed of sound, each one splits into three darts to puncture armour before warheads detonate.

The Belfast-made missiles can be shoulder-mounted or attached to a vehicle.

Mr Wallace said: “This system will remain within the definition of defensive weapons but will allow the Ukrainian forces to better defend their skies.”

He added that “small consignments” of Javelin anti-tank missiles would be supplied to Ukraine.

These longer-range missile can strike targets up to 2.5km away.

And the NLAW anti-tank weapons given to the Ukrainian forces have been used with devastating effect during the war so far.

In one instance, a convoy of Russian tanks was filmed being ambushed by brave Ukrainian troops using the anti-tank missiles.

Footage showed one rocket making a direct hit against Putin’s war machine.

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And Russian troops quickly scattered after it exploded. The missiles were fired from behind trees.

Drones also allegedly obliterated Russian tanks and missiles earlier this week. Footage captured Ukrainian cheers.

Britain has sent 3,615 anti-tank missiles to Ukraine

A member of Ukraine’s Territorial Defence Forces trains to operate an NLAW anti-tank launcher

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