Who is Jane Doe 15 and what are her accusations against Jeffrey Epstein?


A NEW alleged victim of Jeffrey Epstein said she had been invited to join him on his private island with Prince Andrew calling on the royal to speak to the FBI.

The woman named only as “Jane Doe 15” appeared alongside lawyer Gloria Allred at a press conference in Los Angeles. Heres what we know about her.

The woman known only as “Jane Doe 15” appeared alongside lawyer Gloria Allred at a press conference in Los Angeles.

Who is Jane Doe 15?

The unnamed woman is suing Jeffrey Epstein’s estate.

Jane Doe 15 filed a lawsuit in Manhattan claiming that the sex offender “took her sexual innocence”.

She is suing Darren Indyke and Richard Kahn, as executors of Epsteins estate, for undisclosed monetary damages.

Jane Doe 15 released this photograph of her when she was 15, around the age she was allegedly abused by Epstein and a female crony

What are her accusations against Jeffrey Epstein?

She claimed that monster Epstein took her sexual innocence at his compound in New Mexico when she was just 15 and invited her to his Little St James Caribbean island.

Her lawsuit claims she met Epstein in 2004 during a school class trip to New York City and was soon shuttled on Epsteins private plane with numerous other girls to his ranch in New Mexico.

During the flight, Epstein gave the girl a tour of his plane – starting with the bedroom.

It said: Epstein explained to Jane Doe 15 that, when he slept on the bed, he liked to have women sleep at his feet.

Epsteins description of the women sleeping around him on the floor made her immediately think of slaves.

While on the flight, the financier also name-dropped former President Bill Clinton and asked the girl how old she was, the documents say.

The lawsuit said: Jane Doe 15 found her interactions with Epstein on the plane strange.

“But she recognized one of the other girls on the plane as a model who had been on a magazine cover that month.

Jane Doe 15 remembers finding that reassuring, and thinking: If shes here, it must be ok.

Epstein, 66, was found dead in his New York jail cell on August 10 as he faced sex trafficking charges

After landing at Epsteins Zorro Ranch, in New Mexico, one of his female associates, described only as a woman with red hair, told the teen that Epstein really liked her, the lawsuit states.

The woman then questioned the girl about her sexual history and the next day summoned her to the main house for a massage, the documents say.

They state: Without Jane Doe 15s consent, the woman proceeded to use her tongue to massage Jane Doe 15, focusing primarily on Jane Doe 15s vagina and anus.

The redhaired woman Epsteins agent then told Jane Doe 15 that Epstein really wanted to give Jane Doe 15 an orgasm.

The next day, the teen was summoned to Epsteins room, where he was wearing a bathrobe and then exposed his penis and pulled out a vibrator, the suit says.

The lawsuit says Epstein then assaulted her with the vibrator until she faked an orgasm and he stopped.

The next day, he gifted her a new pair of underwear and photographed her in them until she started hyperventilating, the documents state.

What has she said about Prince Andrew?

Prince Andrew denied any knowledge of, or involvement with, Epstein’s alleged abuse during a car crash BBC Newsnight interview

The woman says she was told that Prince Andrew among others would be a guest – but she declined the invitation.

But she spoke out yesterday against those that turned a blind eye to Epsteins exploits and said Andrew should tell all he knows to the authorities.

The royals name was also used by Epstein as an inducement to attend the financiers parties, it was claimed.

Jane Doe 15 said yesterday: We were not hidden.

It is upsetting to me to think that anyone who was closely associated with Jeffrey Epstein might argue that they didnt suspect he might have been sexually abusing children.

Her lawyer Gloria Allred said that Prince Andrew should voluntarily speak to the FBI.

She said: Every day where someone who has relevant information does not come forward may seem like a year to those who are victims and who are suffering and who deserve the truth.

Given that Prince Andrew has at least some knowledge of who was there in the various homes that he visited of Mr Epstein in New York and Palm Beach and the Virgin Islands, he certainly could provide information to investigators.