10 EastEnders spoilers for next week including Sharon going head to head with Mel


SHARON is crumbling under Mels blackmail but soon goes head to head with her, armed with new information.

Heres what to expect in Walford next week

Sharon discovers a huge secret of Mel’s in Eastenders
  • Sharon finds out a massive secret

Sharon is back from Portugal and pretends shes surprised when Louise tells her she and Keanu are moving there.

Soon Mel is threatening her again and Sharon offloads on Ben about Mels latest scheme. Ben then tells her a secret about Mel that changes everything and puts Sharon back in the driving seat.

  • Mel makes Ruby an offer she cant refuse

Mel invites Ruby to the E20 and gives her first refusal to buy the club. Ruby isnt convinced that Sharon will sell up, but Mel assures her that she definitely will.

Mel then tells Sharon to do as she says or else.

Louise and Keanu are planning a big move in in Eastenders
  • Dotty gets on the wrong side of Tiff

Dotty plays a cruel trick on Keegan when she deliberately sabotages his sandwich making business.

Tiffany is furious and confronts Dotty, while Ian contacts the Food Standards Agency when Keegan refuses to close down the business.

  • Keanu gets cold feet

With Louise growing increasingly excited about the move to Portugal, Keanu doesnt feel the same.

He turns to Sharon and pleads with her to get Louise to change her mind. But Sharon tells him to play along with Mel.

  • Whitney and Leo grow closer

It looks like things are back on between Whitney and evil Leo when sparks fly between them at the Vics Halloween party.

Later they share a passionate kiss. Is Whitney walking into trouble?

Karen is shocked when she learns Keanu is planning to leave in Eastenders
  • Lisa begins to have doubts about Mel

Lisa is concerned about Mels behaviour and suggests she sees a grief counsellor. Mel agrees but Lisa soon finds out she has no intention of going.

After a false alarm with Louise and the baby, Keanu vents to Lisa about how controlling Mel is. Lisa is worried when she sees how overbearing Mel is.

  • Ian plans a new career

Theres set to be another clash between Ian and Bobby when Ian decides to become Walfords new Councillor.

Bobby is annoyed when Ian fails to listen to him.

  • Karen finds out about Portugal

Karen is gutted when Ben lets slip to her that Louise and Keanu are moving to Portugal.

  • Mariam confronts Adam

Mariam finds out about Adams affair with Habiba and confronts him over it. The pair have an emotional heart-to-heart and later Mariam tells Habiba that she blames herself for his actions, leaving Habs furious.

  • Sharon and Mel go head to head

Its war between Sharon and Mel as Mels plan starts to unravel.

Armed with her new found information from Ben, Sharon goes head to head with Mel. But who will come out on top?