Amy Barlow suffers devastating panic attack as she’s approached in Coronation Street

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TRAUMA has a hold on Amy Barlow next week as she continues to move past her rape.

A simple bus journey turns into a nightmare next week for the Coronation Street teen.

Amy Barlow is struggling to cope with her rape trauma

She suffers a panic attack on a bus next week

Meanwhile, Aaron Sandford still roams free in the cobbles

The nineteen-year-old student portrayed by Elle Mulvaney was raped after a drunken evening by Aaron Sandford (James Craven).

At the time, the lad had argued with Summer Spellman and his relationship with her appeared to be headed straight for the rocks.

However, when he realised what he had done, he rushed back to Summer, while asking Amy to remain quiet.

Meanwhile, Amy realised she had been raped as she’d been unconscious when Aaron took advantage of her and, after keeping schtum about the ordeal, she finally opened up to her mother Tracy.

This led her straight to the police station but the authorities were unable to give her the support she needed.

Police dropped the case altogether when CPS admitted there wasn’t enough evidence against Aaron which has comforted him in saying Amy was lying.

Amy was thus convinced to keep quiet about her rape once again, branding a mistake on Aaron’s part.

But her rape trauma is taking a hold over her in scenes airing next week on ITV.

Coming up, she boards a bus into town to meet a friend from university – until a man sits next to her.

Unable to cope with the male presence, Amy suffers from a panic attack and struggles to calm down.

She has no other choice but to order the bus driver to pull over – what will she do?

As mentioned above, Amy has been struggling to cope in the fallout of her rape and has even had nightmares over her attack.

Amy is also rushed to hospital when she tries too hard to drown her sorrows and tells those closest to her that Aaron did in fact rape her.

Speaking to, however, Elle Mulvaney promised that Amy would gain more control over her situation.

“We’re going to see Amy gain a lot more confidence over the subject”, the actress said.

“I feel like she will take control a bit more. We’ll see a bit more of Amy’s fire coming back.”

Coronation Street airs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8pm on ITV.

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