Battle of the EastEnders stars mega-mansions from Natalie Cassidy’s huge home to Charlie Brooks’ row with neighbours

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THE stars of EastEnders work hard for their money – and they have some very impressive homes to show for it.

Natalie Cassidy and Charlie Brooks are among the cast bringing the wow factor, with huge mega-mansions thanks to their pay-cheques.

Charlie had rowed with neighbours about building an extension

Her sprawling home has a cinema-style sign

The pair – who have acted together on the BBC One soap since 1993 – both have huge homes with very impressive interiors.

Charlie, 41, who is best known for playing Janine Butcher since she joined Albert Square in 1992, has a very spacious Surrey flat.

The abode has a vast kitchen with a cinema-style announcement board on the walls, as well as a sprawling dining table.

The space is decorated with artwork and quirky items, including a tiger-shaped rug in the black and white chequered bathroom.

While her bedroom features cobalt blue walls, stained glass windows and a vintage-style bed with a cream curtain running behind it.

The star recently lost a battle with her neighbours to renovate the property, which is worth a whopping £1.5million.

The actress wanted to build a rear external stairway for Ibiza nightclub owner Tony Truman who lives in the flat above.

Charlie, who owns the spacious apartment, wanted to allow Tony – who lives upstairs – to easily drop by to see their daughter Kiki, 18.

But neighbours were fuming about the possible loss of privacy and light and overshadowing from the “overbearing” extension to the five-bedroom pad.

Charlie wanted to add side and rear extensions for two new bedrooms, a bigger porch and a loft conversion with roof lights.

She also applied for a major facelift of her home with new timber cladding, new painted render to the first floor, new patio doors and Juliet balcony.

Meanwhile, Natalie, 39, who is best known for playing Sonia Fowler since 1993, has an equally spacious abode.

The EastEnders actress lives in her home in Hertfordshire with her partner Marc Humphreys, where average home is £518,000.

Instagram users got a glimpse of the incredible display that went around the huge door she has to her incredible home.

Beautiful Violet Wisteria flowers dropped down from the top and sides of the double doors, very fitting for spring.

The doors also had two stunning wreaths of flowers in pastel colours.

Natalie was born in Islington in London, but then she decided to move away from the capital and ended up in Hertfordshire.

The area is one of the Home Counties in southern England and is a popular home for commuters thanks to its close proximity to London.

Charlie has a tiger rug in her bathroom

Charlie shares her home with daughter Kiki, while her ex lives upstairs

Charlie’s bedroom features bright blue walls

Natalie plays Sonia in the BBC One soap

Her huge home has an impressive front door

Natalie shares her house with her partner Marc

Charlie lives with her daughter Kiki