Carla Connor Faces Strong Opposition After Making a Shocking Discovery in Coronation Street


Carla Steps Back from Underworld Factory

Carla Connor, the well-known businesswoman in Weatherfield, has taken a step back from her leading position at the Underworld factory.

Her decision comes after she faced a mental health crisis earlier this year, leading her to believe she had suffered a relapse into her psychosis.

A Startling Realization

However, Carla's world is turned upside down when she finally puts the pieces together and realizes that she had actually been drugged.

Troubling Times for Carla

Carla has been a pivotal character in the success of the knicker factory since her arrival in December 2006. However, her supposed relapse into her psychosis led her to take a break from her work, allowing Stephen Reid to take charge.

During this time, Carla experienced troubling and inexplicable symptoms that she did not initially recognize as part of another psychotic episode. She sought help and slowly recovered before deciding to sell her share of the business.

A Shocking Revelation

In a conversation with Lou, the widow of Rufus Donahue, Carla begins to suspect that she was drugged. Lou describes the symptoms Rufus would suffer from after dabbling with LSD, which resonate with Carla's own experiences. She confides in Roy Cropper, who initially dismisses her concerns as paranoia.

A Sinister Plot Unveiled

Unknown to Carla, Stephen Reid had been intentionally spiking her with Rufus' LSD to undermine her and take control of the business. He saw Carla's assertive nature as a threat to his ego, and his actions led to her suffering hallucinations and being unable to function properly.

Rufus was aware of what Stephen was doing and blackmailed him, but it ultimately led to Rufus' death as Stephen became a serial killer. Stephen's lies begin to unravel next week, and Tim Metcalfe ensures that everyone knows he cannot be trusted.

Will Carla Discover the Truth?

The question remains whether Carla will realize that Stephen was the one who drugged her. Tune in to Coronation Street every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 8pm on ITV to find out.

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