Carla Connor Takes on Coronation Street Killer Stephen Reid in Explosive Confrontation


Carla uncovers Stephen's lies and crimes

Time has run out for Stephen Reid as his web of deceit finally unravels. The notorious Coronation Street serial killer is faced with a furious Carla Connor, who has pieced together the truth.

Stephen's intentions revealed

Stephen Reid (played by Todd Boyce) arrived in Weatherfield in 2022 to support his mother Audrey Roberts. However, his true motives have now come to light as his financial struggles pushed him down a dark path.

Death toll rises

After claiming his first victim, Leo Thompkins, in late 2022, Stephen's villainous acts escalated. He has since taken three lives and committed numerous crimes on the famous Coronation Street cobbles.

Carla drugged with LSD

In a shocking turn of events, Stephen spiked Carla Connor's drink with LSD in an attempt to take control of the Underworld factory. Believing she was having a mental breakdown, Carla recently discovered the truth behind her strange behavior.

Carla confronts Stephen

Next week, Carla's quest for justice reaches its climax as she confronts Stephen in an explosive showdown. Armed with evidence from a clinic, Carla reveals her knowledge of his sinister actions.

Stephen's desperate attempts to escape

As Carla begins to close in on the truth, Stephen becomes more desperate to avoid facing the consequences of his actions. With the walls closing in, how far will he go to protect himself?

The web of suspicion widens

Carla isn't the only resident who suspects Stephen. Sarah Platt has her own doubts about his intentions, and an unexpected encounter raises further suspicions. Will Stephen claim another victim before his reign of terror ends?

Coronation Street continues

The gripping drama unfolds on Coronation Street every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 8pm on ITV. Don't miss the high-stakes battle between Carla and Stephen as the truth is finally revealed.

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