Coronation Street fans predict who Abi Webster’s mysterious donor is amid custody battle with Imran Habeeb


ABI Webster has struggled to pay her solicitor amid her tense custody battle with Imran Habeeb.

However, the Coronation Street mechanic got a shock when a mysterious donor paid everything off for her.

Abi has been fighting for the custody of her son Alfie

Tonight’s trip to Weatherfield was emotional for Abi as she remembers the tragic death of her son Seb.

One year on, the character portrayed by actress Sally Carman is fighting for another child, following the surprise birth of baby Alfie.

But while she’s desperately trying to prove she’s a fit mother, in spite of her past with drugs, her legal fees have been too hard to handle.

This had led her to loose her solicitor Elliot Newell (played by Toby Gaffney), leaving her grasping at straws for Alfie.

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As she got ready for to face Imran Habeeb (Charlie De Melo) during a custody hearing.

Abi was dreading the worst as she was speaking with her husband Kevin but, instead, got a delightful surprise in the form of barrister Elliot hopping out of a car and approaching her.

Before long, the solicitor revealed to Abi that his fees had been paid by a mysterious donor.

But when Abi asked him who had paid him off, Elliot was unable to give any further detail as he was instructed to keep quiet under any circumstances.

Corrie fans have since tried to take some wild guesses about who could have paid Abi’s solicitor.

One obvious choice could be Kelly Neelan (Millie Gibson).

The wayward teen has not only expressed guilt over Seb Franklin’s death but is also in a good place financially following the death of both of her parents.

Moreover, Kelly had some thoughts about Imran Habeeb’s underhanded tactics as he has been trying to sabotage Abi’s fight for Alfie.

Other characters were added into the mix as ITV viewers tried to figure out who would be comfortable enough, both financially and with Abi, to pay the solicitor in one go.

Sadly, the donor’s support wasn’t enough to stop Imran from lying in court.

After Ben caught Abi and Dean Turnbull on camera, assuming she had been trading money for drugs, Imran was convinced that perjury was the only successful way for him to get Alfie.

However, this didn’t come without consequences as he was reminded that having Abi followed by Ben was unethical for his profession.

The solicitor’s scheming unfortunately paid off and Imran granted custody.

Abi, on the other hand, had no other choice but to accept weekly visits – but has vowed she will not go down without a fight.

In tear-jerking scenes in hospital, Abi gave Alfie an emotional speech, promising him she would always be thinking of him and that his big brother Seb was watching over him.

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What will be her next step?

Fans watching at home tried to guess just that and who the mystery person was behind her legal funding.

One wrote on Twitter: “Fingers crossed that Abi gets custody of Alfie.”

Another added: “Can they just f*cking give Abi a happy ending?? Is it THAT hard??”

And a third commented: “Abi deserves so much better.”

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays on ITV.

Imran Habeeb has been scheming and using underhanded tactics to get custody of Alfie