Charles Anderson reveals heartbreaking family secret in Emmerdale

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VICTOR Anderson rocked up the Dales and reopened old wounds for his son Charles Anderson.

The Emmerdale vicar portrayed by Kevin Mathurin shares a dark family secret with Manpreet Sharma next week.

Charles Anderson shares a big secret with Manpreet next week

Old wounds have been reopened

He’s floored to see his parents getting close once again

After spending 25 years behind bars, Victor (played by Eddie Osei) was adamant on settling down in the ITV village and bonding with his estranged family.

But his son Charles was more than reluctant to allow him back into the inner circle and the enigmatic newcomer explained the vicar was partially responsible for his downfall.

To top it all off, Victor revealed he was also suffering from a brain aneurysm, although many fans of the Yorkshire-based soap are suspecting he could be faking it.

Coming up next week, Victor tries to find a way back into his wife Claudette’s heart by flirting and Charles is thrown to see her so coquettish.

Later, Manpreet Sharma (Rebecca Sarker) finds a troubled Charles and he’s grim as he prepares to spill all about their family history.

Charles is measured as he explains what happened between him, Victor and Claudette.

But Manpreet’s shocked to learn Claudette was taken hostage, and Charles chokes back tears to think his father could be up to his old tricks.

The following day, a manipulative Victor gives sad eyes, leaving Claudette appalled that Charles lied about mending their rift.

Annoyed, Claudette confronts Charles over his relationship with Victor.

Charles begrudgingly agrees to stop pushing Victor away.

But will he stay true to his word?

As mentioned above, Charles was reluctant to give Victor a second chance following his release from prison.

He even ordered Victor to stay away from their family and tensions only grew when Naomi Walters left the village to seek adventure in Ibiza.

Victor encouraged his granddaughter – who, unlike Charles, wanted him to have another chance – to take the bull by the horns and quit her job to move on to greater things.

Charles was far from pleased when Naomi abruptly decided to leave Emmerdale as he felt this only took her away from the straight and narrow path he was striving for her to remain on.

But can he look past their differences?

What is Victor really up to?

Emmerdale airs weeknights from 7.30pm on ITV.

Charles doesn’t trust his father

But could he be right to be cautious around him?