Coronation Street Fans Concerned for Character’s Fate as Serial Killer Closes In


Stephen Reid's Next Victim Revealed?

Corrie fans believe they have uncovered the identity of the next victim in the grasp of serial killer Stephen Reid. The character, played by Todd Boyce, has already left three bodies in his wake and shows no signs of stopping. Viewers have been analyzing clues and believe that Stephen's girlfriend, Jenny, may be in grave danger.

A Character's Deadly Connection

Jenny Connor unknowingly entered into a relationship with her ex-fiancé's killer. She had believed that Leo had abandoned her, only to discover he had been tragically murdered. Now, she is determined to inform Leo's father of the devastating news. However, fans fear that revealing this secret to her boyfriend could put her life at risk.

Fans Sound the Alarm

Concerned viewers took to social media to express their worries for Jenny's safety. Some speculate that Stephen may eliminate anyone who threatens to expose his crimes. One fan tweeted, "Jenny's moving up that list," while another remarked, "I'm really worried for Jenny. With her obsessing over Teddy she could be making herself Stephen's next victim." The sense of fear among fans is palpable.

The Countdown Begins

Corrie bosses have already revealed the date when Stephen Reid will finally be apprehended. On October 13th, viewers will have the chance to witness his capture and even meet the actor behind the chilling character. The anticipation is building as fans brace themselves for the shocking conclusion.

Despite the nail-biting suspense, Coronation Street fans are hopeful that their beloved character, Jenny, will survive this deadly game. Only time will tell whether Stephen's next victim will be revealed or if Jenny will manage to escape his clutches.

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