Coronation Street fans demand Debbie Webster stays on the cobbles forever after hilarious exchange with Sally


CORONATION Street fans have demanded Debbie Webster stay on the cobbles permanently after Sue Devaney’s comedic performance.

The scheming businesswoman had viewers in hysterics as she manipulated Sally Metcalfe into flogging her house.

Corrie viewers are desperate for Debbie to stick around

Feigning interest in Sally’s new pride and joy, her chiminea, Debbie had her convinced she was set for a life in Cheshire.

She even managed to backhand compliment Sally’s outfit by saying: “What are we calling that – puce?”

Her comedy turn comes after Debbie was finally revealed as Ray Crosby’s secret business partner in his scheme to destroy and redevelop the cobbles.

To stop herself from being caught out, she turned on the water works with her brother Kevin and girlfriend Abi and lied about losing all her money.

Actress Sue has pulled off both dramatic and comedic performances
Debbie is able to manipulate everyone around her to get what she wants

And because of the two dramatic and comedic scenes, fans want actress Sue to stick around permanently.

One wrote: “She’s absolutely brilliant. Highly skilled, great little details in her performances and perfect comic timing. Keep her!”

A second said: “She’s a great actress & manages to bring so much out of every character she plays. She’s been on top form tonight!”

Another added: “Agreed a brilliant character and actress and a much needed part of the Corrie cast.

“I hope she stays long term, she had so much potential.”

A fourth said: “I really hope she stays.

“Devaney has excellent comic timing but can also play the dramatic scenes really well.

“Loved her scenes with Sally last night, as well as the scene where she successfully appealed to Geoff’s ego. I’d love to see her stay, form a relationship with Dev and become pals with Jenny.”