Coronation Street Fans in Uproar as Billy Faces Consequences for Marriage Decision


Big Decision

Coronation Street fans are buzzing with excitement as Billy makes a life-changing decision to marry Paul.

The Wedding of the Century

In a groundbreaking episode, Billy and Paul tied the knot in the soap's first ever gay wedding.

A Surprising Twist

Paul surprises Billy with a secret church service after their civil ceremony, showing their vows to God.

A Shocking Discovery

Unfortunately, a picture from the ceremony is left behind, leading to some unexpected trouble.

Caught in Scandal

The Bishop confronts Billy about the wedding, causing a scandal among the congregation.

Standing Up for Love

Billy refuses to apologize for who he is, leading to support from unexpected sources.

Speaking His Truth

Billy goes on local radio to share his feelings about the church's stance on homosexuality.

Suspension and Controversy

The Bishop suspends Billy indefinitely, sparking outrage among Coronation Street fans.

Viewers' Reactions

Viewers take to social media to express their opinions on Billy's suspension and reflect on his role as a vicar.

Coronation Street airs on ITV1 and is available on ITVX.

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