Coronation Street Fans Predict Chilling Twist for Daisy Midgeley


Fans Speculate on Daisy's Dark Future

Coronation Street fans are buzzing with theories about the next big twist in the soap opera, with many predicting that Daisy Midgeley could take on a sinister role akin to the notorious Meena Jutla from Emmerdale.

Is Daisy the Next Villain of the Cobbles?

Played by Charlotte Jordan, Daisy Midgeley is seen as a potential successor to the villainous legacy left behind by characters like Pat Phelan and Geoff Metclafe. With the recent departure of Stephen Reid, viewers are eager for a new antagonist to emerge.

Will Daisy's Secrets Unravel?

Speculation is rife among fans that Daisy's involvement in a shady scheme to buy back the pub could lead her down a dark path. As tensions rise and secrets threaten to surface, could Daisy's character take a sinister turn?

Could Daisy's Fate Mirror Emmerdale's Meena Jutla?

Emmerdale fans will remember the havoc wreaked by Meena Jutla, who left a trail of destruction in the village before facing justice. Will Daisy follow a similar trajectory, or will she defy expectations?

New Executive Producer to Shake Things Up

With ex-Emmerdale producer Kate Brooks set to take the reins at Coronation Street, viewers anticipate a fresh wave of drama and intrigue. Could Daisy's character transformation be part of the upcoming storyline?