Coronation Street spoilers: Gary Windass forces murdered Rick Neelan’s daughter’s mum to abandon her


CORONATION Street’s Kelly Neelan is abandoned by her mum after Gary warns her that Kelly’s father Nick will kill her for stealing his cash.

Gary realises that Claire has been pocketing the money he’s been sending for Kelly’s old school fees.

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Gary gets a visit from Kelly’s mum

Corrie viewers know that Gary was shocked out of his skin earlier this month when Rick’s daughter Kelly returned to the cobbles

Listening in to her conversation with Summer and Asha at the cafe, he realised she’d enrolled at the local school Weatherfield High. 

Fans know that Gary killed Rick Neelan in self-defence last year during a dramatic showdown with the ruthless loan shark. 

But when Rick didn’t pick her up from school, Kelly started fishing around and questioned Gary on her dad’s whereabouts. 

When Gary told her that Rick was a loan shark and that he’d fled the country she finally went away  – much to Gary’s relief. 

But Gary felt terrible about the implications for Rick’s daughter and took it upon himself to pay her school fees.

Gary learns that Kelly was kicked out of her old school

But in episodes of Corrie set to air this week Gary is confused when he finds Kelly outside No. 7 and learns she was thrown out of Oakhill because her dad’s money stopped coming in. 

Gary is baffled by the revelation, given that he’s been paying the fees himself in the wake of Rick’s death.  

Next week’s episodes of Coronation Street will see Gary receive a visit from Kelly’s mum at the furniture shop. 

Gary pretends to have been in touch with Rick and knows he’s still paying Kelly’s Oakhill School fees. 

Gary tells Claire that if Rick finds out she’s been pocketing the money for herself, he’ll probably end her.

Claire realises he’s right and makes an exit sharpish. 

Gary was shocked to realise Kelly was going to the local school

Maria arrives at the exact same moment and spots Claire scurrying away before asking Gary who she was. 

Will Gary manage to worm his way out of Maria’s questions?

Later in the week, Summer takes pity on Kelly when she tells her that she’s been abandoned by her mum. 

When Summer begs him, Billy agrees to let Kelly stay at their flat for a while until she gets herself sorted.

Now living on his doorstep, could Kelly be about to uncover Gary’s killer secret?

Actress Millie Gibson – who plays Kelly – tweeted that she’d be appearing in Corrie in March back in January

And sources told HOAR Online at the time that the storyline involving her character Kelly and Gary would be huge.