Coronation Street Star’s Son Quits Acting for Unexpected Career Path


Following in His Father's Footsteps

Linus Roache, known for his role in Coronation Street, initially pursued acting like his father, Bill Roache, who plays Ken Barlow on the popular ITV soap.

A Surprising Career Change

Despite starting out in the entertainment industry and appearing in major films like Batman Begins, Linus Roache made a drastic career shift that surprised many fans.

From Actor to Spiritual Sect

Roache decided to leave the world of acting to explore his spiritual side more deeply. He moved to New York to be part of a group called EnlightenNext, founded by Andrew Cohen in 1988.

Controversy and Evolution

While the sect has faced criticism, Roache defended his involvement, highlighting the group's focus on meditation and dialogue. He praised the organization's blend of Eastern enlightenment and Western scientific understanding.

A Family Affair

Roache's late mother's past as a hippy and his parents' openness to spirituality influenced his journey. He expressed admiration for their willingness to explore new beliefs and seek answers.

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