Coronation Street Villain Returns and Attacks Cassie Plummer and Michael Bailey


Cassie Plummer's Struggle

Cassie Plummer is determined to rebuild her life and bond with her long-lost son, but her journey is about to become even more challenging with the return of a dangerous villain to Coronation Street.

Difficult Choices for Cassie

Cassie's mother, Evelyn Plummer, gave her an ultimatum – get clean and be a part of Tyrone's life or continue battling addiction.

A Fresh Start

Cassie and Evelyn left Weatherfield earlier this year to help Cassie overcome her drug addiction. Now back in town, Cassie wants to build a new life with her son.

A Shocking Encounter

While telling Tyrone that she's looking for a place to stay, Cassie secretly meets her drug dealer, Dean Turnbull, who turns violent as she owes him money.

A Unexpected Assistance

When Cassie collapses in pain, Michael Bailey insists on taking her to the hospital, but Dean follows them and a confrontation ensues.

More Trouble Ahead?

As Cassie starts to integrate into Tyrone's life, a new challenge arises when she is introduced to Kevin and Abi Webster. Abi, a recovering drug addict herself, has a history with Dean Turnbull.

The Return of a Familiar Face

Long-time viewers may recall Dean Turnbull as Abi's former drug supplier. He previously left town when Abi faced a difficult situation during her pregnancy.

What Lies Ahead?

As tensions rise, the question remains – Will Dean cause trouble for Abi and Cassie?

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Note: This article was originally written by another author and has been rewritten for a UK audience.

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