Coronation Street’s Bill Roache in Financial Trouble


Coronation Street icon Bill Roache, 91, is facing a financial crisis as he attempts to offload a property to cover a substantial six-figure tax bill and avoid bankruptcy, court documents reveal.

Struggling to Settle Tax Debt

The legendary Ken Barlow actor had until January to settle a £546,000 tax bill in full, but a potential buyer backing out has complicated his efforts.

Court Proceedings Underway

Despite the looming deadline, Roache has only managed to repay a fraction of the total amount owed, leaving a substantial balance along with interest and late-payment fees.

Previous Financial Challenges

This is not the first time Roache has faced financial difficulties, having been bankrupt in 1999 and dealing with unpaid debts in the past.

Remaining Resilient

Despite the financial strain, Roache remains unfazed according to a friend, and was recently spotted driving a luxury car in Cheshire.

Controversial Tax Arrangement

In 2012, Roache was involved in a tax-avoidance scheme through a Cayman Islands-registered firm, which was later deemed unacceptable by a tribunal in 2018.

The actor's representative has not yet commented on the current situation.

Roache holds the record for being the longest-serving TV star in a continuous role on Coronation Street since its debut in 1960.

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