Coronation Streets Rita will be eaten by her CAT after being trapped under her Christmas tree, fear fans


CORONATION Street fans fear Rita Sullivan is going to be eaten by the cat she is looking after.

The newsagent – who is played by actress Barbara Knox in the ITV soap – was left trapped and alone under her Christmas tree when she fell trying to put her fairy lights on it.

Corrie fans fear Arthur the cat will eat Rita

Her friends and neighbours think she has gone away for Christmas after Rita told them that so they wouldnt feel sorry for her being alone.

But instead she turned the lights out to fix her tree and twisted her ankle on the step causing the entire thing to fall over and pin her to the floor.

Rita could only just manage to mutter help as she lay trapped in tonights episode.

But with her friends and family all thinking she is away and no-one left to find her, Rita faces a horrifying experience alone with the cat she is cat-sitting.

Rita was left for dead under the tree with the beast getting hungry
The tree and the cat could kill Rita off

And fans fear she could face an even worse fate if Arthur the cat gets hungry and begins eating Rita.

One wrote: “Ritas gonna die and her cat is gonna eat her face #festive #corrie #coronationstreet”

A second said: “Rita better get some help soon otherwise the cat might eat her #Corrie”

Another added: “I hope the cat doesnt eat Rita #Corrie”

Ritas life wont be the only one hanging in the balance this festive season on the cobbles.

It has been confirmed that there will be at least one death on Christmas Day – the first ever in the soaps 59 year history.

Derek Milligan is going to go on a shooting spree that will see death come to the cobbles.