Coronation Street’s Sally Dyvenor wants to be on the soap in her 80s – despite evil Geoff forcing Sally out


CORONATION Street star Sally Dyvenor is determined to stay on the soap well into her 80s.

The actress – who has played Sally Webster in the ITV soap for 34 years – is the soap’s seventh longest serving star.

Sally is determined to stay on the soap for as long as they will have her

But while on-screen her character has been forced out of Weatherfield by her abusive father in law Geoff Metcalfe, Sally intends to stick around for the long haul.

And she is determined to replicate the longevity showed by the likes of cobbles legends Bill Roache, 88 and Barbara Knox, 86.

“When I look at Bill, Barbara and Sue Nicholls, they’re incredible,” she told the Mirror.

“Nobody knows their lines better than them. I hope I’m still in the show in my 70s and 80s – if they’ll have me!

Sally has bravely stood against evil Geoff
Sally and Tim left Weatherfield to save their marriage

“I’m very sociable, I love coming in to work and I want to keep going as long as I can.”

And Sally already knows who she wants her character to emulate in her later years – legendary battleaxe Ena Sharples, played by the late Violet Carson.

She added: “I’d like Sally to be more of a busybody when she’s older – somebody who thinks they’re right in everything they do or say.

“But I’d like her to be there for people, so she’s someone that people felt they could talk to – she’s also quite caring.”

Sally shares three children – Phoebe, 25, Sam, 23, and Hattie, 16 – with Emmerdale scriptwriter husband Tim.

She has starred in more than 3,000 episodes of the soap so far – and shows no signs of slowing down.

On-screen Sally has been going head to head with evil father in law Geoff in an effort to free his abused wife Yasmeen from prison for attempted murder.

Last week she was forced to flee Weatherfield with husband Tim in an effort to save their marriage from Geoff’s meddling.