Daisy Midgeley’s Cheating Exposed as Daniel Osbourne Seeks Revenge in Coronation Street


Ryan and Daisy's Secret Affair

In the popular British soap opera Coronation Street, characters Ryan Connor and Daisy Midgeley have been struggling to keep their mutual feelings a secret. Despite Daisy being in a committed relationship with Daniel Osbourne, their affair is about to be exposed.

Daniel Osbourne Investigates

Next week on Coronation Street, beloved character Daniel Osbourne discovers the truth about Daisy and Ryan's affair. Daniel, portrayed by Rob Mallard, takes matters into his own hands and seeks revenge.

A Complicated Love Triangle

Ryan and Daisy, played by Ryan Prescott and Charlotte Jordan respectively, grew closer after a traumatic incident at the Rovers. Ryan saved Daisy from an acid attack, but suffered severe burns in the process. Their attraction has been undeniable, despite Daisy's supposed commitment to Daniel.

New Opportunities and Suspicion

When Crystal Hyde, played by Erin Austen, returns to the cobbles, Ryan sees an opportunity to escape the complicated situation with Daisy. Crystal reveals she's moving to Glasgow and hopes Ryan will join her. This revelation raises suspicions and tensions between Daisy and Ryan.

A Heartbreaking Discovery

In a shocking turn of events, Daniel discovers a video of Ryan and Daisy together, confirming his suspicions of their affair. Heartbroken, Daniel decides to move on and forget about Daisy.

Daniel's Dark Side

Viewers of Coronation Street know that Daniel has a history of spiraling out of control and causing harm to others when he's in a dark place. As he heads into Ryan's bedroom, the question remains: How will Daniel make Ryan pay for his betrayal?

Coronation Street airs every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 8pm on ITV.

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