EastEnders fans predict shock return for evil rapist after spotting giveaway clue


EASTENDERS fans are predicting a horror return for rapist Dean Wicks

The villain – who was played by actor Matt Di Angelo in the BBC soap – raped his sister in law Linda Carter before abusing and trying to rape girlfriend Roxy Mitchell.

Does Shirley want her son back?

He was never convicted of Linda’s rape but did admit to it while trying to kill his mum Shirley.

In 2016 he was acquitted of the attempted rape of Roxy and freed.

But after having confessed to raping Linda, Buster decided to do whatever it took to get rid of him for good.

He paid him off warning him never to return to Walford again.

However fans think they have spotted a clue that suggests he will return – and soon.

One fan wrote: “From Tuesday episode, it seemed Shirley had a sad reaction when Jean was talking about not abandoning a son to Harvey.

‘Maybe it’s hinting at Shirley potentially might think of reconnecting with her lost son Dean in the near future?

“Also if Dean does return for a stint later in this year, I could also see Sean Slater randomly popping in for another episode in the summer. 

“We could see Dean and Sean continued feud on screen again which would be interesting to see now as both characters have progressed so much.”

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Another added: “I wouldn’t mind seeing Dean back at some point, although now isn’t the right time. 

“I wouldn’t want them to try and make him likeable though. 

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“They made him a rapist, let’s keep him as a villain.”

They added: “I can see Shirley wanting to reconnect with him at some point despite everything he’s done. 

“No matter how disgusted she is at him, he is her son at the end of the day.”