EastEnders bosses bringing back iconic characters for Dot Branning’s funeral episode

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SOAP bosses are aiming high for a special tribute to Dot Cotton, months after Walford legend June Brown passed away.

Speaking to HOAR, a source claimed EastEnders viewers can expect iconic characters to make their way back to Albert Square.

EastEnders bosses are determined to give Dot Cotton the send-off she deserves

A source revealed familiar faces will be coming out of the woodwork

Actress June Brown portrayed the legendary character for 35 years

The long-running BBC One drama will wave a final goodbye to the legendary actress with a special, tear-jerking episode “airing this winter.”

Dot’s funeral will be held after news of her death reaches the Square – and some will even be coming out of the woodwork to pay their respects.

The source asserted that “there will be quite a few old faces” heading back to the Square for Dot’s funeral.

“EastEnders bosses are pulling out all the stops to show just how much June was loved by the cast and crew”, the source said.

“She was a huge part of EastEnders and her legacy will live on in Albert Square forever. She will never be forgotten.”

“Without giving anything away the script is beautiful and what she would have wanted.”

“It was an incredibly hard couple of days on set as she was so loved.”

“But everyone was determined to give June and Dot the send off she deserved.”

“There will be quite a few old faces returning for the episode.”

The first of these is none other than Jacqueline Jossa aka Lauren Branning.

“Bosses got in touch with Jacq about returning for Dot’s special episode and she was more than happy to come back”, the source asserted.

“She was back last week filming her little guest stint.”

The 29-year-old actress played in the soap from 2010 to 2018 and is expected to appear in a handful of episodes before her character returns to New Zealand.

Speaking to The Mirror in October, 2021, the mum-of-two said she could return to the show for “the right storyline.”

Could her comeback be permanent?

On-screen, Dot started afresh in Ireland, where she could be closer to her grandson Charlie but per her wishes, she will be buried in Walford, “the place she always called home.”

Dot Cotton actress June Brown, who portrayed the character for more than three decades, died at the age of 95 in her Surrey home, in April, 2022.

As mentioned above, filming for her on-screen funeral has started as a horse-drawn hearse with Dot’s name in a floral tribute was seen being taken into the Elstree Studios in Borehamwood, Herts.

EastEnders airs from Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

Jacqueline Jossa aka Lauren Branning is one of the many faces who will make an appearance

Filming for Dot’s funeral began last week
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