EastEnders: Chantelle Atkin’s silence explained as she keeps Gray’s abuse hidden from her family


EastEnders fans were left frustrated last night when Chantelle Atkins refused to open up to her dad Mitch about her evil husband Gray’s abuse. 

Gray will brutally murder Chantelle this week as the domestic abuse storyline comes to a harrowing end. So why hasn’t she reached out for help? Here’s the lowdown…

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EastEnders fans were left frustrated when Chantelle didn’t tell Mitch about Gray’s abuse

Why didn’t Chantelle tell Mitch about Gray’s abuse last night in EastEnders?

With her escape plan sabotaged thanks to Gray keeping the kids at home, Chantelle retreated to a cafe during her family holiday during last night’s episode.

And when Mitch noticed something was up with his daughter and followed, he asked her what was wrong.

But Chantelle didn’t open up and insisted her anxiety was due to missing Mia and Mack.

Fans were left frustrated by the scene and took to Twitter to express their dismay. 

One viewer tweeted: “Tell your dad Chantelle!!!!!!! Why won’t she just tell them! Mitch and Karen adore her and would support her through anything, it doesn’t make sense she won’t tell them! #EastEnders.”

Another fan added: “Mitch really warmed to me. Chantelle needs to tell him enough is enough man #Eastenders.”

A third fan tweeted: “I hate Gray for sucking the fighter out of Chantelle. I really wish she had the courage to tell Mitch and Karen what Gray has put her through. Mitch would understand before knocking Grays lights out #EastEnders”

A fourth added: “Chantelle please tell your dad!”

Gray overheard Chantelle confessing her feelings for Kheerat over the phone

What has Chantelle actress said about her silence in EastEnders?

Speaking about why her character doesn’t speak out and confide in her parents, Jessica Plummer – who plays Chantelle in the soap – revealed: “Chantelle’s parents have a  relationship with her husband, so for her to tell her parents is to potentially not escape. 

“Gray is clever, he’s smart and he’s not going to let her just walk out of the door. 

She added: “I think it’s easier for her to just run.”

EastEnders star Jessica Plummer has explained that Chantelle would rather ‘run’ than tell her family

When does Chantelle die in EastEnders?

Gray will murder Chantelle this Friday (September 18) when she’s forced to blurt out that she’s leaving him after her escape plan goes disastrously wrong. 

EastEnders have been sowing the seeds of Chantelle’s tragic end already this week as she’s attempted to escape Gray’s clutches on a family holiday to Southend.

But Gray suspected her plans and manipulated the situation by keeping the kids at home. 

Chantelle persuaded Mitch to go and collect the children and bring them on holiday.

But things worsened for Chantelle last night when Gray arrived too and overheard Chantelle confessing her feelings for Kheerat Panesar over the phone.