EastEnders’ Cindy Beale to Stick Around After Explosive Return


The cast of EastEnders has teased how long actress Michelle Collins will remain on the show after her shocking return as Cindy Beale.

The Character's Dramatic Reappearance

Cindy Beale, played by Michelle Collins, was believed to be dead after a tragic incident during childbirth. However, she made an explosive comeback on EastEnders, revealing that she had been in witness protection and had not died in jail.

What the Cast Had to Say

During the NTAs, the cast members spoke about Cindy's future on the show. Michelle Collins didn't give too much away, initially responding with confusion when asked about her character's return. However, Colin Salmon, who plays George Knight, hinted that Cindy would be sticking around. He praised Collins and mentioned exciting storylines involving her character's relationships with her daughters and Peter. Michelle then confirmed that Cindy would be a part of the plot at least until Christmas.

Fresh Storylines and Strong Characters

The return of Cindy Beale has brought a new dynamic to the show. Molly Rainford, who plays Anna Knight, expressed her excitement about the family's storyline, adding that it's great for viewers to see more of their characters. She also praised the strong performances of the cast members and their impact on the show.

The Impact of Cindy Beale

Cindy Beale's reappearance has certainly made a mark on EastEnders. The dramatic storyline has captivated audiences, and Collins's performance has been well-received. With Cindy as the latest addition to the powerful Beale family, viewers can expect more exciting moments to come in Walford.

What's Next for Cindy?

Although Collins didn't reveal much about Cindy's future, she did envision her character giving personalized gifts to her family members. She emphasized Cindy's caring nature and hinted at the potential for heartwarming moments this Christmas.

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