EastEnders fans all have the same complaint after Whitney and Zack’s devastating baby news

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FURIOUS EastEnders fans have lashed out at soap bosses over Whitney Dean’s latest tragic storyline as they beg them to give her a break.

Tragedy struck for Whitney when complication arose in her pregnancy and fans have called out BBC bosses for never letting the character be happy.

Whitney and Zack were forced to make a heartbreaking choice

Fans called out show bosses for targeting Whitney once again.

After discovering they were expecting a baby together, Whitney Dean and Zack Hudson were over the moon but their happiness was short-lived as they discovered the unborn child had Edwards Syndrome.

Faced with a difficult decision, Whitney and Zack terminated the pregnancy on the recommendation of medical professionals after they told the pair that the baby would die either before or shortly after its birth.

They were left understandably heartbroken after finding themselves having to decide how to proceed.

The storyline has not gone down well with viewers of the BBC One show either who have put soap executives on blast for their decision to involve Whitney in yet another heart-wrenching ordeal.

Taking to Twitter, one enraged fan said: “Less devastating storylines for Whitney and Zack in the future please. They’ve been through enough for the start of this year.”

A second pleaded for Whitney to finally get some happiness on Albert Square as they wrote: “I know it’s a TV show but what is EastEnders’ problem with Whitney? They just hate her.

“I’ve never seen a fictional character go through so much trauma and hardship. Has there ever been a two-month period where she’s just happy?”

A third penned: “Why won’t they let Whitney be happy for once?”

Whilst a fourth echoed:  “Why can’t Whitney have a happy ending for once!?”

The story follows Zack’s HIV diagnosis and the turmoil he has faced surrounding that life-changing situation.

Despite the backlash to Whitney being caught up in a saddening story once again, fans praised Shona McGarty and James Farrah for their incredible performance of the powerful scenes where they said goodbye to baby Peach.

One fan said: “Just seen both EastEnders from last night. Powerful and important episodes for Whitney and Zack. Beautifully done, Shona and James with great performances.”

As another agreed, adding: “Poor Whitney and Zack. That scene was heartbreaking and I was reduced to tears. Well done @ShonaBM and James for an exceptional performance.”

EastEnders airs Monday-Thursday at 7:30pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.