EastEnders fans believe they have identified the Christmas victim’s identity


The mysterious victim

EastEnders fans have been eagerly trying to uncover the identity of the male character who will meet his demise in a Christmas episode, after a flashforward scene earlier this year teased his death. In the scene, six female characters from the show were seen looking down at the lifeless body of the mystery victim on the floor of the Queen Vic. Since then, fans have been speculating on who the unfortunate character might be.

Is it Ryan Malloy?

A new theory has emerged among fans that Ryan Malloy, played by Neil McDermott, will be the one to meet his demise at Christmas. Ryan, who is the brother of Whitney Dean and the ex-partner of Stacey Slater, briefly returned to Albert Square earlier this year after his daughter revealed she was pregnant at the age of 12. Although Ryan did not stay long in Walford, some fans think he will make a comeback just in time to become the Christmas victim.

Fan theories

A Reddit user shared their theory, pointing out that Stacey mentions Ryan in the flashforward episode, expressing her desire to kill him. The user believes that Ryan is a significant enough character to be the victim, but not too obvious like other potential suspects. Another fan supported this theory, adding that it was previously mentioned that Ryan and his wife desperately want a child together but are unable to conceive. If Ryan is indeed the victim, some fans wonder if his wife, who is obsessed with having a baby, will seek revenge.

Other possibilities

While some fans are convinced that Ryan is the one who will meet his demise, others believe it could be another returning character, Dean Wicks. The character has not been mentioned since the flashforward episode in February, leading to speculation that he may be killed off during the Christmas episode.

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