EastEnders fans break down in tears as Frankie Lewis faces horrifying sexual harassment torment


EASTENDERS fans are heartbroken for Frankie Lewis after her sexual harassment ordeal left her fearing for her life.

The teaching assistant – who is played by actress Rose Ayling-Ellis in the BBC soap – was followed home by a creepy man from a club and terrorised on the street.

EastEnders fans flocked to Twitter to complain about Frankie’s nightclub ordeal

Rose narrowly escaped an assault on the show

Frankie (Rose Ayling-Ellis) was only saved from a sexual assault when two other men intervened and gave the chance to escape.

Back at home she told her dad and grandmother: “I had the key in my hand the whole time, I walked the safe way, I even walked past this place in case he was following me, I didn’t argue with him, I didn’t lead him on, I said no. 

“I did every single thing I’m meant to do to stay safe but I got really scared. Because he thinks it’s OK. 

“That man tonight and those boys at school making porn of me. It’s all the same thing. They don’t see me as a person. They see me as a thing.”

Mick told her that they could go to the police now but she had to do something about it.

“Do you think the police are going to take me seriously?” a furious Frankie shouted back.

“Do you know how hard it is to get anyone to listen even when it’s a rape dad?

“You know the facts and figures. Actually, do you want to know why the police won’t do anything about it? Because it’s happening to millions of us.

“Women and girls. It’s constant low level sexual harassment. Every single day and it’s much easier to just dismiss us than face it. 

“So no, I don’t want to have to fight it, I don’t want to do something about it because I am not the problem.”

Viewers were heartbroken for her.

One wrote: “Frankie’s story is exactly what many, many women go through and it’s hitting so close to home. I’ve got tears in my eyes just hearing it. We all have a story just like it.”

A second said: “Protect Frankie at all costs.”

Another added: “Just seen a tweet from someone saying frankie shouldn’t have walked home alone that’s not the point there’s many times I’ve walked home by myself that doesn’t mean it gives anyone a right to sexually harass or stalk u don’t victim blame pls.”