EastEnders Fans Call for Character’s Demise in Controversial Storyline


EastEnders viewers have expressed their outrage and demand for a beloved character to be killed off after their shocking actions in Linda Carter's latest storyline.

Dean's Fall and Hospitalization

Last night's episode saw Dean Wicks, Linda's rapist, falling down the stairs of the Queen Vic after George Knight slapped him during a confrontation with Linda. Dean was rushed to the hospital, leaving Ian unimpressed by partner Cindy's denial of witnessing the incident.

Protecting George or Her Daughters?

Accused by Ian of protecting her ex-husband George, Cindy insisted that she didn't want her daughters to grow up without a father. George could potentially face prison if Dean reported the incident, as he already has a suspended sentence for a past attack.

A High-Stakes Situation

Before heading into the hospital to see Dean, Ian reminded Cindy of the consequences at stake. He emphasized the importance of their business, their income, and their ability to support their children. Ian also warned Cindy that lying to the police could result in her going back to jail.

Dean's Ultimatum

During Linda's visit to the hospital, Dean revealed that he would refrain from going to the police if she publicly admitted to lying about the rape. This revelation left viewers furious with Ian's role in the storyline's twists and turns.

Fans Express Outrage on X

EastEnders fans took to X – formerly known as Twitter – to express their anger towards Ian's character. Many called for his demise, with one viewer even suggesting that Ian could be the body at Christmas.

EastEnders airs on BBC One and is available on BBC iPlayer.

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